Latest news: Migrants kidnapped in Mexico

In a traumatic incident, a group of migrants were kidnapped in northern Mexico. This incident is just one of a series of recent kidnappings. However, there is some good news that nine individuals have been found, according to an announcement by the President and the Mexican police agency on Wednesday. For more information, visit article “Latest news: Migrants kidnapped in Mexico“.

Latest news: Migrants kidnapped in Mexico

I. Facts Migrants kidnapped in Mexico

A heartbreaking incident occurred when a convoy of buses carrying about 50 migrants was kidnapped by a gang in northern Mexico. This is just one of a series of recent kidnappings, however, the good news is that nine people have been found later, this information was announced by the President and Mexican police on Wednesday. On Tuesday, nine migrants were found by Mexican authorities after a group was abducted en route to the U.S.-Mexico border.

A bus left Tapachula, Chiapas on Sunday and disappeared the next day near the Matehuala area, San Luis Potosí. This group of migrants was allowed through Mexican territory and decided to choose a bus to continue their journey to the border.

The owner of the bus company received a call asking for one thousand dollars per bus passenger from the gang of kidnappers, according to the vice president of the National Transportation Federation of Mexico in San Luis Potosí.

The bus was found abandoned Tuesday afternoon in Galeana, Nuevo León, but no passengers were still on board.

Latest news: Migrants kidnapped in Mexico

II. Latest news: Migrants kidnapped in Mexico

On Tuesday, nine migrants, six men and three women, were found near a highway in the state of Nuevo Leon, state police said. However, police have not revealed whether they have been freed or have gotten out of the situation on their own. Migrants from Venezuela and Honduras were found wandering a rural area seeking help. The bus company announced the kidnapping on Tuesday and told local media that it had received a ransom demand of $1,500 for each migrant.

“This is unfortunate, of course, there are gangs that are involved in kidnappings,” said President López Obrador, who also mentioned that the area had once seen the abduction of 20 people from a vehicle. download in April. The April abduction prompted police to conduct a large-scale search by both air and land. In the process, not only were found 20 migrants that the police were looking for, but also discovered about 80 other migrants who were illegally detained, apparently carried out by the same gang.

The area being searched is at the junction of the northern states of San Luis Potosi and Nuevo Leon, and an area where drug cartels have long operated. This is not the first time similar mass kidnappings have occurred in the northern border state of Sonora.

III. The President of Mexico spoke out after the incident

According to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the National Guard is conducting a search for migrants in the area near the northern city of Matehuala. This group of migrants had traveled north on a bus from the southern state of Chiapas, but unfortunately along the way, the bus, passenger and driver were kidnapped.

“Temporarily, we have found some people,” President López Obrador said at a news conference that morning. “Initially, there was information about 50 people,” he said of the number of victims, although he did not explicitly mention how many people have been found. “We hope to rescue them all,” he added.

Latest news: Migrants kidnapped in Mexico

IV. Government reports on kidnappings

In early May, a government report said more than 2,000 migrants had been abducted by smugglers and drug cartels by 2022. Mexico’s national immigration agency said authorities had freed 2,115 migrants of all nationalities who were kidnapped by gangs in 2022.

Gangs and criminal organizations appear to increasingly use tolls from migrants to help them cross into Mexico, then kidnap and ransom them. In recent months, there has been a series of similar mass kidnappings of migrants in Mexico, causing insecurity and concern in the international community.

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