Knossi Trymacs Pizza And Specials Of “Happy Slice”

We are excited to introduce the dynamic partnership between Knossi, Trymacs and the unique pizzeria chain “Happy Slice”. The article “Knossi Trymacs Pizza And Specials Of “Happy Slice”” on the website “” will introduce Knossi and Trymacs, popular online stars with large fan bases on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, who have entered the culinary world with innovative ideas. Create your own unique pizza. Together, they founded “Happy Slice“, a chain of pizzerias that promises an exceptional dining experience for pizza lovers.

Knossi Trymacs Pizza And Specials Of "Happy Slice"
Knossi Trymacs Pizza And Specials Of “Happy Slice”

I. Who are Knossi and Trymacs?

Knossi and Trymacs are well-known online stars on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Jens “Knossi” Knossalla and Maximilian “Trymacs” Stemmler have built their fame through their enthusiasm, talent, and unique entertainment content they provide to the online community known widely as MrBeas

Knossi has garnered attention with his videos and livestreams covering a variety of games and entertaining content. He excels not only in playing games but also in capturing and creating humorous and creative moments. Knossi has built a large and dedicated fanbase, becoming one of the most successful streamers in Germany.

With skillful online gaming and a unique media style, Trymacs has also attracted the attention of the online community. He creates engaging and exciting content around games like Fortnite and various other titles while sharing his knowledge and experiences with his fans.

Both Knossi and Trymacs have a significant influence within the online community. They are not only exceptional streamers but also bring joy and inspiration to millions of people worldwide through their unique content.

Who are Knossi and Trymacs?
Who are Knossi and Trymacs?

II. Shocking Incident on “Let’s Dance” Dance Floor

Knossi and Trymacs caused a major stir on the popular dance show “Let’s Dance”. The incident, which gained significant attention, involved their participation in the show and the unexpected turn of events that followed.

In addition to their dance floor episode, Trymacs has also been planning a new boxing event. Known for his ventures beyond online streaming, Trymacs has shown an interest in the sport of boxing and has been preparing for a new boxing event. The event is expected to bring together various personalities from the online world, creating an exciting blend of entertainment and combat sports.

Unfortunately, due to the limited information available, further details about the incident on “Let’s Dance” or the specific plans for Trymacs’ new boxing event are not provided. It is recommended to refer to credible news sources or official announcements to gather more comprehensive information about these events.

Shocking Incident on "Let
Shocking Incident on “Let’s Dance” Dance Floor

III. The first to try the new pizza from Knossi and Trymacs

IV. Knossi Trymacs Pizza opens store

Knossi and Trymacs have ventured into the world of culinary delights by co-founding the pizza chain called “Happy Slice.” This exciting endeavor brings their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to the food industry, specifically the pizza sector. “Happy Slice” aims to provide a unique and enjoyable dining experience to pizza lovers.

The pizza chain has already established a considerable number of branches, with a total of 72 locations across 20 cities. Notably, four of these branches are already operational in Cologne, specifically in Agnesviertel, Ehrenfeld, Sülz, and Südstadt. The success and popularity of these initial locations have paved the way for the expansion plans of “Happy Slice.”

In the future, the founders have ambitious plans to further expand their pizza chain. They aim to open an additional 130 branches in the upcoming year, providing more accessibility to their delicious pizza offerings. The expansion efforts are expected to cover various cities and regions, ensuring that pizza lovers can enjoy the unique flavors of “Happy Slice” in even more locations.

With their entrepreneurial drive and dedication, Knossi and Trymacs have created a brand that combines their passion for food, entertainment, and community engagement. The “Happy Slice” pizza chain promises to deliver a delightful dining experience to customers and aims to become a prominent player in the pizza industry.

Knossi Trymacs Pizza opens store
Knossi Trymacs Pizza opens store

V. Pizzas and specials of “Happy Slice”

Sure! Here are some types of pizzas offered by “Happy Slice” and their unique characteristics:

  • Happy Hollandaise: This pizza, suggested by Knossi, features a combination of asparagus, tomatoes, arugula, and Hollandaise sauce. The special touch of Hollandaise sauce adds a unique flavor and a creamy texture to the Happy Hollandaise pizza.
  • Happy BBQ Blast: This pizza is a treat for barbecue lovers. With grilled chicken, smoked bacon, onions, and a special BBQ sauce, the Happy BBQ Blast offers a tantalizing and bold flavor.
  • Happy Veggie Delight: For those who prefer a vegetarian option, Happy Slice provides several vegetarian pizzas, including the Happy Veggie Delight.
  • Happy Seafood Sensation: This pizza is an enticing choice for seafood enthusiasts. With ingredients like shrimp, salmon, calamari, and a special chili sauce, the Happy Seafood Sensation delivers a fresh and savory taste of the sea.
  • Happy Margherita: This is a classic and simple version of pizza, but still incredibly delicious. With tomato sauce, fresh Mozzarella cheese, and basil, the Happy Margherita creates a perfect harmony of basic ingredients.

Knossi’s role in suggesting his own pizza creation is essential to the innovation and diversity of “Happy Slice.” By proposing and creating the Happy Hollandaise pizza, Knossi showcases his ability to bring his personal touch and creativity to the brand. This adds richness and distinctiveness to the Happy Slice menu, attracting a diverse range of customers and catering to everyone’s culinary preferences.

Pizzas and specials of "Happy Slice"
Pizzas and specials of “Happy Slice”

VI. Happy Slice’s development plan

Happy Slice has an ambitious plan for expansion and brand development in the future. Here are some points to discuss regarding the plans for Happy Slice:

  • Expansion of Locations: Happy Slice aims to broaden its presence by opening additional branches in various cities and regions. With the success of the current 72 locations in 20 cities, the brand plans to continue expanding its reach. This expansion will enable more customers to enjoy the unique flavors and dining experience that Happy Slice offers.
  • Partnership with Lanch: Happy Slice receives support from the startup company Lanch. Lanch plays a crucial role in assisting individuals in launching their own brands. With the support and expertise from Lanch, Happy Slice can benefit from their knowledge in brand development, marketing strategies, and operational guidance. This partnership ensures a strong foundation for the growth and success of Happy Slice.
  • Collaboration with Rapper Luciano: Happy Slice has plans to introduce a new brand with a collaboration from rapper Luciano.

These expansion plans and partnerships highlight the dedication of Happy Slice to establish itself as a prominent player in the pizza industry. By leveraging strategic partnerships and innovative marketing strategies, Happy Slice aims to continue its growth and capture the attention of pizza enthusiasts across different regions.

Happy Slice
Happy Slice’s development plan

VII. Conclude

Knossi Trymacs Pizza and the “Happy Slice” pizza chain represent the fusion of passion in online gaming and creativity in the culinary industry. Founded by renowned online stars Knossi and Trymacs, Happy Slice quickly gained attention and became a unique pizza brand.

Knossi and Trymacs have contributed not only as popular social media figures but also as creative entrepreneurs in the pizza business. With their influence and support from fans, they have created a successful and distinctive pizza brand. Knossi’s role in suggesting his own pizza type brings richness and differentiation to Happy Slice, while Trymacs demonstrates potential in developing his own boxing event.

With plans for future expansion and development, along with support from startup company Lanch and collaborations with other notable figures like rapper Luciano, Happy Slice has the potential to become a renowned and influential pizza brand in the industry.

The influence and potential for growth of Knossi and Trymacs in the pizza business are significant. The combination of talent in online content creation and entrepreneurial spirit has led to success for Happy Slice, bringing joy and unique culinary experiences to customers across the country.